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Christopher Terry

Christopher as veteran to the market has over 25+
 years of trading experience. He has helped
 dozens of students on Wall-street and has also
been featured in Multiple different books, magazines
& Articles. Chris has been a Key note speaker at Traders Expo’s. His mission is to help people gain “Freedom”.

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a world-renowned
speaker, motivational coach, & author of best sellers. He has mastered the skill & teachings of the Law of Attraction.  Proctor has an international reputation for getting the very best out of both
people and businesses.

Alex Morton

Featured in Forbes & Rolling Stone Magazine. Alexis one of the highest paid millennial affiliate marketers in the world. He’s  generated millions in sales and Impacted thousands globally.

Educate. Enrich.

Why  Life By Design Academy ? We have the vision, leadership and resources to make
your dreams a reality- whether that’s creating a side stream of income, or building a  global empire.
We’re ready to scale to 1  million costumers by 2021. Life By Design Academy is already in 120+ Countries,
with 1+ million monthly website visits.  16 major languages are translated, we also have 180+ educators who
are experts in the markets. When you partner with our group, success is no longer a  mirage-  it’s a destination.
 We’ll give you the roadmap and tools you need, to create a life by your own design.

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