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Christopher as Veteran to
 the market has over 25
 Years of trading
 experience. He has helped
 dozens of students on
 Wall-street And Has also
been featured in Multiple
different Books, Magazines
& Articles.Chris has also
been a speaker at the
traders Expo.His Mission is
to Help average People
gain “Freedom”

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a world-renowned
speaker, motivational coach,
author of bestselling books, as well
as a Law of Attraction teacher. Bob
Proctor has an international reputation
for getting the very best out of both
people and businesses.


Has been Featured on
Forbes & Rolling Stone
Magazine & is one of there
Highest Paid Millennial
 affiliate marketers in the
Entire World. He’s Helped
 Generate Millions and
Impacted thousands of
Lives globally

Educate. Enrich.

Why choose Life By Design / IM Masters Academy Live? We have the vision, leadership and resources to make
your dreams a  reality- whether that’s creating a side stream of income, or building a business empire.
We’re ready to scale to 1  million  members by 2020. IML is already in 120 Countries, with 1+ million monthly website visits. 
 8 major languages are translated with more to come, and most importantly we have 10+ educators  who know the ins and outs
of  forex /crypto trading. When you partner  with us, success is no longer a  mirage-  it’s a destination. Well give you the roadmap
and tools you need to create a life by your own design.

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